Workletters and Commercial Tenant Improvements

Whether you are a commercial storefront owner looking for help with code compliance, or a commercial tenant property owner looking for help fullfilling a workletter contract; DR Construction of King County is the commercial property remodeling management contractor who can get you there.

Commercial Tenant Improvement Workletters

When leasing an office for business there is often a contract referred to as a workletter. Tenant lease agreement workletters provide the contractual terms for the work to be allowed and paid for by the commercial property owner, or lease grantee. Typically there are mandated allowances that include such things as fire and code compliance safety, as well as Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) compliance. What this means for the tenant ( renter ) is there is a guaranteed improvement allowance to fix such things as fire alarms, sprinklers, wheelchair ramps, and stairwell handrails, to list a few examples. For the property owner this means you will need to provide these services either by budget or by outright contracting the workflow yourself.

What's Next?

Typically the workflow for both owner and leasee will be to determine the ADA and code compliance requirement necessary to bring the dwelling to business operations standards. This might include checking the IBS standards, the King County or Seattle code standards, as well as Federal ADA requirements. Next, creating a RFP, or request for proposal will create the desired work to be completed, then outline necessary work to be done. The RFP is then submitted by tenant or property owner (depending on workletter considerations) to a qualified contractor such as DR Construction group, where an approximate bid proposal (estimate) is created to define specific work and cost for phases of said work. The bid is compared to other bids and the best bid is then signed and executed under expert guidance by the contractor with the approval throughout of the tenant and or property owner.

How Does DR Help with This?

DR Construction Group of Renton Washington can help with all phases of commercial tenant improvement starting with the formal creation of a workletter right up to the request for permits, approval inspections and of course all phases of work in between. The choice to provide your own RFP is of course optional, and the formal creation of a workletter contract is also your decision where to create and along what terms. Our knowledge of code compliance and commercial storespace, commercial medical, and warehouse requirements makes DR Construction a preferred source to start your commercial tenant improvement requirements.