Modifying Roof Structures

Your homes roof does more than keep the elements off of the inside of the building, it provides weather protection to ward off heat and rain, even snow. These structures are single handedly the most critical components of the modern home. Frequently homeowners find themselves wishing they could add to, or modify their existing roof.

This type of project is not as simple as installing new cabinets or changing the doors. There is a legal requirement that a compitent and knowledgable architect, licensed by the state to redesign structure plans. There are also extensive permit regulations needed in order to do this type of project. We can make your life easier, all you need to do is contact us today for a estimate or bid.

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Roof Redesign & Structural Remodeling

Roof Structure Remodeling

Flat roofs are generally frowned upon by prospective home buyers who know banks may not loan enough money on a home with an obsolete roof structure. Low slope roofs tend to leave standing water or slow the run off of water too much for the precipitations of the Pacific Northwest.

Why Would I Modify My Homes Roof?

Roof remodeling is something we do well. You may be here looking for help with getting a roof structure installed because you have an extensive remodel in mind that requires a radically new roofline or an extension to the existing roof in order to pull it off.

You might have a flat ("low slope", a roof having less than 4 inches rise in 12 inches distance) roof and you are trying to add value to your home by installing a properly pitched roof. Whatever your reasons are, we can help you with all phases from tear off, framing, gutters, and soffit.

Need a roof extension?

We have been doing roof remodels in the Pacific Northwest since 2006. There are a number of reasons why people asked for changes to their homes roof. A few examples have been:

  • Attic-to-living space conversions.
  • New wing, arm, or addition to house.
  • Stairwell relocation outside of common living area.
  • New covered outside patio (roof extension).

Roof extensions can increase usable covered living space like a patio, covered carport, or gabled entry. These new addition roof structures can also add a great deal of aestetic appeal to a home that has a tired design to it. We have been keeping projects like these within timeline and within budget for over a decade.

DR Construction provides expert structural engineering provided by our licensed and bonded home architects that work to ensure your vision doesn't get lost in the translation. We manage all required state and municipal codes and permits.

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