Nailing Dreams to Reality

Since 2006 DR Construction has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. DR Construction general contracting provides Bellevue, Issaqua, Newcastle and the East Side of King County with construction & home remodeling solutions that have met or exceeded our clients expectations. From outdoor decks to creating new home additions complete with load bearing wall removal; our exeprienced and friendly carpenters are industry craftsman who know happy customers keep us working.

Manage Your Home Wisely

Work with an experienced team of skilled craftsmen who provide usefull & durable remodeling solutions within budget and on deadline. Your home improvement dreams quickly become money pits when corners are cut. With ten years of experience and an active and busy portfolio its easy to see why we are capable managing complex home improvement construction remodeling projects.

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Load Bearing Walls

You might have a kitchen remodel plan that needs that exact square foot where there is currently a wall. Maybe you don't need that extra room and want to incorporate it into a larger bedroom or kitchen.

You may or not know yet whether you can safely and legally remove or relocate the wall so you find yourself seeking professional structural, load bearing (structural) wall relocation & removal services.

DR Construction delivers code compliant architectural re-engineering solutions backed by license & bonded expert remodeling architects that puts your plans to action by reassigning structural support walls in compliance with local codes & ordnances. We manage all necissary permits & filings for the process removing or altering significant walls inside your home.

Make your life easier by offloading more to your sub contractors

You have phone calls, emails, and meetings. You don't need to babysit, and it shouldn't be your job to make decisions on things a skilled team can decide for you. Every project, carefully planned. Friendly service, expert management.

We can take care of more than the fabrication and installation phases of your TI project. We provide services that extend into project management, subcontractor management and other back office needs. Make life easier and get back to your day job.


Insurance Services

A tree has fallen your home. A car has driven into your garage. Maybe a fire has displaced your family and you are in a hurry to remedy that situation so you and your family can get out of the hotel and back home.

We work closely with insurance providers and homeowners to ensure that you recieve the best possible service using the best materials that equal or surpass your previous homes design.

Consult with DR before you accept your insurance settlement so we can make sure you get the payment that is needed to get your home back to working order.

Kitchen & Bathrooms Pay Back More

If you have a limited amount of time and resources to invest back into your home, kitchens and bathrooms remain amongst the highest payoffs for resale and homeowner satisfaction. New bathroom tubs, expansions, fresh kitchen tile and design of small bathrrom and kitchens are some of the things you can do to increase home value. DR provides a comprohensive, start to finish home kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor service that you can enjoy being a part of.

Your home is more than just a place to lay your head after a grueling day of work. It is a place to entertain family and friends and also a place to raise children and build lasting memories. Increase your homes appeal by adding charm with a kitchen and bathroom remodel. DR Construction will help you define cost, and resource expenditure and also source materials and manage sub-contractors for electrical and plumbing. We manage permits and vendors so you can focus on dreaming big, and getting back to that grind you call work, and the family that needs you most.

Kitchen & Bath Services

Need an idea?

We have the experience to make it happen. Talk to us about remodeling dreams and we will tell you what it's going to take to get the project off the ground. Remodeling a home is much more than just skilled carpentry. It actually involves some strategic planning, disciplined scheduling and a lot of experience.

We know what it takes to keep you on track, and we know where to point you if you are in the market for remodeling, or maybe just entertaining the idea. We want to build lasting relationships with customers who in turn will be our best form of marketing.
With over 7 years of experience, we are your go to team for all phases, start to finish.
Bathroom Ideas