Medical Facilities Remodeling Portfolio.

Dr Tyler's Office

Category of Work: Commercial Tenant Improvement

  •   Sammamish Framing & Code Compliance
      Custom Reception Desk Design & Fabrication
      Sheetrock, Mud, Paint
      Trim, Door Moulding, Interior Doors, Sills and Wainscotting
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 Tenant Improvement Services

Chung Wellness Center

Commercial Tenant Tearout & Infill

  •    Rehabilitated historic downtown Seattle retail space for health & wellness center.
       New loadbaring walls reassignment, stairwell access, fire fixtures, new power, ventilation, water and lighting.
       Worked with city light & Seattle Fire to ensure facility met code requirements.
       Steel framing, sheetrock and warm rooms, sahnas and new shower fixtures.
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 Commercial Services
 Tenant Improvement