Professional Commercial Remodeling Service

Great service starts with a winning attitude. When you are looking for help with commercial TI, the important thing to consider is can I tolerate working with this team?. Nobody wants to fall behind a deadline because of shoddy subcontractors who do not care about their clients or their deadlines. Your requirements are mission critical, and our mission is to deliver the best value and service with a smile everyday. When you perform at the top of your game, you tend to be a bit happier. Welcome to superior TI service, and a winning local TI contractor.

  • Conceptual Estimates, Schedule Analysis
  • ADA Modification and Upgrades
  • Value Engineering
  • Complete Design & Build Construction
  • Design/Build
  • Subcontractor Qualification
  • Subcontractor Bid Evaluation
  • Self-Performed Work (demolition, carpentry, doors, frames, hardware, layout, framing and drywall)
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Custom Cabinetry & Millwork
  • Medical and Dental Office TI
  • Retail & Storefront TI
  • Quality Control (QA)
  • Job Site Safety
  • Cost Control / Budget Control
  • Punchdown List Fullfillment & Generation
  • Project Closeout Documentation

Make your life easier by offloading more to your sub contractors

You have phone calls, emails, and meetings. You don't need to babysit, and it shouldn't be your job to make decisions on things a skilled team can decide for you.

We can take care of more than the fabrication and installation phases of your TI project. We provide services that extend into project management, subcontractor management and other back office needs. Make life easier and get back to your day job.


Cost-Plus Services

Too often there comes a project that is beyond any sort of intial analysis that enables a contractor to define exact specific cost. Examples include flood or fire damage. When your property suffers water damage there can be a multitude of failures stemming from a small water leak that rot out framing deep within the structure.

Without tearing down the surface and getting to the back of of rotted materials that are water damaged, it is impossible to determine what the cost of such renovations are. Be leary of contractor services who provide a blank bid for such work because typically once opened the cost and time involved in repairing this damage will exceed the intitial bid.

Results of Using Lowest Cost Contractors

  • inferior workmanship
  • sub-standard materials
  • hostile working relationships with disgruntled contractors
  • failed / incomplete restorations

Cost Plus contracting may work for you. Working with a contractor in a cost plus agreement means your contractor provides services and charges you for time and materials as the project unfolds. This is of course done with your oversight, as well as the insurance company oversite to ensure that you are getting value and not being led down a rabbit hole for un-needed repairs.

Office Remodeling

Medical offices, clinics and store / retail space TI are commonly lumped in with everyday general duty contractor services. This is a mistake because the requirements for a commercial project can be much more in depth than home / residential projects. City permits and inspections alone are more intrinsic than home remodeling.

Case in point: Seattle and Bellevue require exhaustive permit planning, scheduling and inspection thoughout all phases of construction. We have experience working with city code enforcement, and permit resources. DR Construction can get TI project under way, on time, and within budget.

Tenant Infill

DR Construction's tenant infill projects include from medical & dr offices to commercial retail spaces across East King County, Bellevue and Seattle plus sorrounding areas. We create commercial spaces that reflect the unique personalities and needs of each tenant. We provide the full spectrum TI craftsmanship services.

When you want something more than a dull floor to ceiling cubicles; think craftsmen. When you consider your your options, take into account that DR Construction has a proven 8 year track record of delivering high quality custom interiors for a wide variety of clients.
Let us help make your business stand out.

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