Do you have a small bathroom idea you need put into action? Ready to add a tile floor and or a vanity sink to your Seattle or King county home bathroom?

Let us take a look at your bathroom remodeling plan. DR Construction in Renton Washington can help you with tile ideas, floor tile and bathroom sinks and vanities. We are looking to add to our portfolio by guiding you through the planning and decision phases, and then seamlessly pulling off an outstanding bath remodel.

With DR Construction you are always in good hands. Nailing Dreams to Reality since 2006.

Seattle Tile Experts

Are you working on a hot bathroom idea? What about improving your existing bathroom design by adding custom tile? Bathroom tile can accent and add life to your existing bathroom layout. Think of your bathroom tile improvement like the a way to change the look and add a redesign to your existing bathroom.
The tile you choose needs to be carefully picked, so let a professional help with the decision making process. We have helpful tips and advice for bathroom design ideas.

DR Construction provides the full spectrum of bathroom remodeling. Tile counter-tops and tile flooring are our specialties. We take boring bathrooms and add new life by using premium materials to create unique bathroom designs.

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Small Bathroom Ideas

King County, Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond all have a higher taste than almost any other region in the United States. If you plan on maintaining a competitive market value for your property here, it will take an outstanding bathroom remodel to get there.

Home Improvement ROI

Ranking of Return of Investments

Source: HGTV "Top 15 Home Updates"
Phase Task ROI Rate
Minor Bathroom Remodel Tub, Flooring, Vanity, Sink, Lighting 102%
Minor Kitchen Remodel Cabinet Refacing, Flooring, Laminate, Sinks and Fixtures 98.5%
Major Bathroom Remodel Expansion, relocation of fixtures, ceramic tile floor, exhaust fan 93.2%
Major Kitchen Remodel New Kitchen Island, New Laminates, New Fixtures and New Appliances 91%